Internationally published, Jack Hardy is a specialist hotel, resort and architectural photographer based out of London. Shooting worldwide, his work is increasingly sought after by high-end luxury brands for their signature shots.

Jack Hardy is an approved photographer for Four Seasons UK, Oetker Collection, Taj Hotels and Palaces, Hilton, Conrad and Red Carnation Hotels. He has also worked with other clients such as Bulgari and Armani Hotels. In total he has experience with over 90 5-star hotels around the world.

Jack is also the founder of Lucid Motion, a London based production company, committed to engaging audiences through visual storytelling. Lucid Motion offers creative support, development and an end-to-end video production.

Unique Lighting Technique

As photography gets the highest visibility on your website it’s probably your most important window into your hotel which translates into sales. Therefore the standard of images needs to be the best they can be.

I use my own sophisticated lighting and post-production techniques to ensure the best possible image quality. The images are created by independently lighting each area of the room, then in post-production they are then layered together to produce exceptional photos.

Please contact me to discuss how my technique could work for your hotel.


"Jack is an extremely talented photographer. I reached out to Jack to acquire some of his photographs of Four Seasons' properties to use on a new Four Seasons digital campaign, and I really enjoyed working with him. Jack is extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with. He responds quickly and was very willing and excited to share his work with us and help us in any way. I will definitely work with Jack in the future, and I would recommend others to do the same!"
Jenna Jordon, Multi Channel Photo Editor at Pace Communications