Unique Lighting Technique (interior signature shots)

Jack Hardy has mastered a unique, sophisticated lighting and post-production technique to ensure the highest possible image quality. Each image is created by independently lighting each area of the room. In post-production between 40-120 images are layered together allowing full control of light and shadow to paint an atmospheric, almost 3D effect of a space. This technique produces exceptional, glossy and high end results.

Please scroll down to view before and after examples of this lighting and post-production technique and contact Jack to discuss how it could work for your hotel.

"Jack Hardy was the perfect man for the job. Highly sought after and with years of experience creating the signature shots for luxury hotels around the world, we knew his high standards would match our own. Jack and his team lead the creative direction with Adare Manor to capture everything from lifestyle to interior, exterior, and food and beverage shots. Each type of imagery requires different disciplines and approaches and required careful planning and direction."

Adare Manor, Ireland (Won 2018 Hotel of the Year)

"Jack is an extremely talented photographer. I reached out to Jack to acquire some of his photographs of Four Seasons' properties to use on a new Four Seasons digital campaign, and I really enjoyed working with him. Jack is extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with. He responds quickly and was very willing and excited to share his work with us and help us in any way. I will definitely work with Jack in the future, and I would recommend others to do the same!"

Jenna Jordon, Multi Channel Photo Editor at Pace Communications